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I AM Retreat

The Art of Being Authentically You

We each have our own unique footprint in the world, our own drum beat, dance… “I am”

Cocooned and guided by leading health professionals, this 5-day, 4-night healing retreat is an immersion in beauty, where you are exposed to revolutionary new science for a cellular reboot.

Embalmed in a breath-taking setting, you are healed with delicious food and powerful therapies. You are guided to address the emotional, mental & physical blocks that limit your optimum functionality.

Dr. Shiv runs a successful Integrative/Functional Medical practice in Cape Town, where she uses a combination of clinical psychiatry, psychotherapy, nutritional coaching, mind-body counselling and cutting edge medical investigations. Megan aligns her skills attained in the corporate world with her passion for healing chronic disease through diet & stress-relieving body therapies. She brings you simple yet transformative daily practices to positively change your life.

Chronic disease, anxiety, depression, fatigue, relationship difficulties & body image issues – the core wound is the distorted relationship with self.

This is an expertly-crafted 3-Phase process. You will reflect & release habits that suck your life force; re-define the most potent version of yourself and recreate an inspired life. Interventions are “evidenced based” to ensure efficacy and aim to balance healing in all domains … physical, mental and emotional.

Using exercises in holotropic breathwork, sound bathing, powerful psychotherapeutic techniques and guided meditations, we reset your nervous system and help you unlock ingrained limiting beliefs. This diminishes habits that suck your life force.

“The healer you are looking for, is your courage to know and love yourself completely” – Yung Pueblo


  • 5-star luxury accommodation in the winelands.
  • Spa-like facilities including medicinal Eco pool, Ozone pool, Infrared sauna & steam room.
  • Fully-catered, nutritious meals provided by our in-house chef, for the duration of the retreat (2 breakfasts, 2 dinners, 3 lunches, snacks & beverages). Special dietary requirements are taken into consideration.
  • 3-day curated course designed to expose self-limiting behaviour constructs and reset neural patterns to kickstart and inspire holistic transformation.
  • Intimate interaction with expert practitioners who specialise in Holotropic Breath Work, Sound Frequency Healing, Trauma Release Therapy, Yoga Nidra, Movement Medicine, Vision Walks and 1:1 support.
  • Guided mountain walks (weather permitting) in the Cape winelands.


“I AM” RETREAT AGENDA (Subject to change)

Take a look at our “I AM” Retreat Agenda:
Please see the attached pdf



  • Access to non-ordinary states of consciousness for deep healing
  • Understanding how to attain FLOW and master your Unique Human Potential
  • Cellular recalibration through Sound to promote detox & support immunity
  • Conscious movement practices to support sensual, embodied functioning
  • Training in HeartMath techniques to combat stress
  • Understanding limiting beliefs & negative emotional themes which shape our lives
  • Learning to live in alignment with our dominant values
  • Introduction to Creativity & playfulness, stimulating perpetual wonder
  • Understanding basic functional medical principles to heal the body
  • Re-setting the nervous system through TRE to promote calm and boost immunity
  • Soul-nourishing, restful time in nature and hotel detox facilities



Contact Megan for current rates:

Our “I AM” retreats run from 9am on a Friday to 4pm on a Sunday.



“This experience has been priceless” Kate



Friday 17 May – Sunday 19 May 2019

August 2019 dates TBC

*Exclusive retreats on request for a minimum of 6 people.

Please email us for more information:

Anassa hosts: Shiv & Meg


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