To Inspire

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Anassa was born out of a dream to create a sanctuary from our busy lives, to transform, heal and feel inspired. We help you unlock the physical, mental & emotional blockages that prevent you from reaching full vitality and optimal health, guiding you back to a state of flow.

Qualified Integrative Medical practitioner and psychiatrist, Dr. Siobhan Dawson with Emergency room and Functional Medical Doctor, Leah Murray host immersive retreats and workshops in idyllic locations in and around Cape Town.

We combine insights from Neuroscience and Functional medicine with evidenced-based healing practices. Cocooned in nature and nourished with delicious food and restorative exercises, we support your capacity to reclaim your happiest, healthiest self.

In our demanding, over connected, lives we can lose perspective and our sense of inner happiness and meaning.

Anassa inspires you to tap into your innate resources, empowering you to master your life.

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Our previous 3-day long retreats were hosted at the Idyllic Angala Hotel nestled in the Franschhoek Winelands

Our 1-day workshops are hosted in collaboration with Jardim Farm in Noordehoek

Meet the team…
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Interested to know more about the therapies offered on our courses?
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We have the following therapies to offer alongside our retreats
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T: 0615013344

[trx_title type=”4″ align=”left” font_weight=”700″]”I AM” RETREAT[/trx_title]

Retreat Dates:
Friday October 14th at Jardim Farm Noordehoek, Cape Town
Time 8.30am to 18.00

I AM Retreat Oct 2022

Cost R3300

For easy access pay here

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[trx_title type=”4″ align=”left” font_weight=”700″]IKIGAI RETREAT[/trx_title]

Retreat dates 2023
Please register your interest

We can curate corporate retreats/workshops to meet your business development needs.
Please call us to discuss.

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For more information please contact us:

Find us on Instagram:

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3 Roslyn rd, Noordhoek, Cape Town, South Africa

Veggie Garden Hours


Dr. Siobhan Dawson

M: 076 355 3182

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Thanks for a truly life-changing experience this past weekend. It has catapulted me into a more positive mindset and adequately geared me for my journey of healing ahead. You should be proud of your beautiful venture. – NIKE