MBChB (Stellenbosch 2008)
Diploma Integrative Medicine (2013)
I am fascinated by people, by the human body, the mind. Everything about it is miraculous to me.


I qualified in 2008 and then spent years working in Emergency Medicine and trauma units in South Africa and the UK. This deepened my desire to know more about Preventative
Medicine, so I did multiple post graduate studies in Integrative and Functional medicine. I’m a perfectionist – I want to know how to relieve symptoms, but I also want to find and
treat the root cause so that we have a long-lasting solution.

I want you to feel better, but also want you to thrive and find joy and a sense of absolute enthusiasm for life. I want to look at preventing ill health in the future, optimizing health to
overcome illness, optimizing diet and lifestyle so that you age well.

I want to know what makes you tick, what you find fascinating, and what you think we’re really doing here. what are we really doing here?!?

I want you to feel you’ve got a partner, a friend even, on your journey to better health.
I genuinely listen.
I genuinely care.

I give myself more time for longer consults because there is so much to consider when someone seeks help for health-related issues. 15minutes is just not going to cut it.
A system is more than the sum of its parts.

Let’s explore gut health, family dynamics, your stress response, hormonal balance, existential crises, desires for a fuller life, your connection to nature and spirit and other
great mysteries (whatever you perceive them to be.)
How you eat, breath, rest and sleep, your fears and anxieties, your moods – lets unpack it all and see what we can shift and balance out to help you feel fresher, more rejuvenated,
energetic, clear headed and calm.

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